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Hankun's software and support
  • Hankun provides high-quality and reliable software management solutions that can communicate directly with your products to optimize, monitor and control your assets, thereby bringing value to your business.
  • Our VMS and VAS are web-based applications that can be run on a secure cloud network to achieve maximum security and high availability. It was developed to allow customers to interact and fully manage their Hankun products; including variable information signs (VMS), variable speed limit signs (VSLS), and portable traffic lights.
  • The operational status that customers can view includes: GPS positioning Battery voltage level Light output Active alert Information/graphic display Communication status Controller status VMS is an Internet-based real-time communication tool that can communicate in real-time from any Internet-supporting PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device through a cellular or satellite network without installing local software.
  • The main advantages of using our products; Real-time communication with individual assets and/or fleets. It is completely web-based, allowing remote programming from any Internet-enabled PC/laptop/tablet or mobile device. Check the operating status of each product. Enhanced security for creating and managing users. Consolidate asset management and tracking systems. Server storage to access product and/or user history. The application allows our valued customers to fully control the messages displayed on any portable variable message sign (VMS) anywhere on the road network.
  • It can be accessed from any Internet-enabled Apple and Android smartphone, enabling customers to search the VMS asset list and immediately update the displayed messages to directly respond to changing local conditions. Download on the App StoreDownload on the Play Store Features include: Remote access via any Apple or Android phone or tablet Instant upload to single or multiple assets Job queue: Keep in sync with message uploads, asset status updates, etc. Use VMS credentials for secure login, which can be remembered to speed up subsequent logins. Searchable asset list (VMS, fire signs, etc.), including user-defined groups Access asset status information, including GPS location, battery voltage level, light output level, communication status and controller information Map detailed asset location Asset location indication
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