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Please put forward higher requirements for our products
Products are our lifeline. China Hankun Company is committed to product upgrades and cutting-edge technology applications, while following the company's quality control and process management.
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  • For this reason, we have developed a company-wide, written, Continuous improvement of the quality management system.
    It uses our industry-recognized procedures and meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. As part of this quality management system, our Hankun management will regularly set and review the company's policies/procedures and ensure communication and understanding at all levels. It will also provide the necessary resources to enable these policies/procedures to be effectively implemented.
  • To ensure that customers put forward higher requirements for our products
    And comply with the trend of energy-saving and safe products! It is the company policy that quality issues are the responsibility of every employee thereby ensuring that quality is manufactured into our products, not inspected into them. Our suppliers must be recognized as critical partners in maintaining our quality standards and therefore must be fully incorporated into the continuous improvement effort.
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