Solar 5-color mobile VMS trailer HK-VMS/37.5
HAN KUN A Silent Messenger
Full-Sized Message Board

Our's the largest sign- P37.5 pixel spacing are our superstar products.

Our signs have a superior method of informing and warning drivers of any potential danger, delays and traffic queues. Helping to minimising risk, these signs are the useful additions to any highway maintenance team.

Our production base is in Yiwu,China

We have produced more than 30,000 units  variable information signs for global users and ship them to the cities where you want to reach through Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port,and Shenzhen Port by sea.

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Hi,I am a sales and technical engineer of China Hankun Technology Company, my name is Nancy LI.

20 years of import and export business experience, 10 years of technical work in the industry

Whether you are purchasing for yourself use, or for commercial wholesale trade or leasing,cooperate with us, you will definitely get a better return on investment !

We know how to make your procurement and VMS configuration more cost-effective, saving you a lot of time and economic costs.

We respect the profit you need for every investment!

  • Trailer features
  • LED Screen Specs
  • Software Features
  • Design and graphics
Trailer accessories using global standards
  • Trailer jack
    Max Payload:12000, Swivel Square Jack Galvanized/Black
  • connector Trailer joint
    Crash Brake Connector for Trailer with Braking Function Max Payload: 2000kg
  • The LED Trailer Light
    Kit includes: tail、 turn signal lights、 2 amber LED marker lights and license plate bracket
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The benefits of purchasing our VMS are as follows
1.The sliding message attracted 7 times the attention.

2.Allows you to schedule different messages throughout the day.

3.Advertise products and services while broadcasting other important information about your business.

4.The sign is removable, so it can be placed where it will bring you the most benefit.
5.Smart telescopic rods take up less space
6.360 degree rotation, moving signs follow traffic
7.Solar powered, working all day and night_no electricity needed
8.The trailer specifications we manufacture and comply with the regulations and certifications of various countries,
9.Suitable for a variety of purposes of rectangular LED display and different pixel pitch.

10.When you have difficulty choosing, please tell me the purpose of your VMS!

High-quality LED display modules have good "visual" functions
Energy Saving Is The Core
Optical lens design EN12966 Full color、 Amber 、5 colors (red yellow blue green white) LED modules
  • EN 12966-1:2005+ Specification : P10 P16 P20 P25 IP:58
    Full color lens
  • Inline R G B full-color advertising and traffic information Modules,P 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 33.3 specifications for different applications ,Amber monochrome is optional
    F5 plugs into traffic lights
  • 5 colors : red, yellow, blue, green and white with wide spacing P37.5 /P45
    COLOR: R Y B G W

According to the purpose of VMS, advertisements and traffic information information boards are released. Various pitch pixels and display units are required, such as lens, full color, amber, 5 colors red, yellow, blue, green, white.

Han Kun has more than 10 years of producing experience and feedback from thousands of customers around the world tell us that we need in-depth communication on the purpose to have a better solution and deliver it!

OUR COMPETENCESmart Mobility Solutions
For 4G or 5G, we use the most cutting-edge IoT cloud platform technology to control equipment, including geographic location GPS, equipment status, whether it is leased or commercial, Han Kun is developed for your application!
We Offer Multi-Modal Transportation Management for a Connected World.

Han Kun's design idea

We have been enriching the signage, design & advertising industry VMS for 15 years.

Building stronger brands & generating amazing graphics for you.

The connect between designer and client is very strong.

Excellent design can fulfill the great dream of users.

Because we design and manufacture our own products, you can be certain that we have dedicated ourselves completely to perfecting each item down to the tiniest detail.

Why not let us design a VMS that can bring you profit?

We look forward to working with you, we are a group of engineers who like to design.

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