Versatile Mobile Full-color LED screen with LENS HK-VMS/F 20

Mobile LED screen  changes the way that you work

You need no more than 15 minutes to prepare your trailer.

Screen unfolding is fast and easy. One person is able to do it in quarter of an hour.

Operator needs to connect the two halves of the screen using the fast locks. All the lifting and rotation is being handled by the trailer’s mast.

For your convenience, you can control it using an optional remote controller.

Now you can do in minutes, what once took hours to accomplish.

This is what we are proud of !

Specification: 2400*1180*150MM Rectangle

Model: HK-VMS/F 20

Made with stainless steel hardware
Dulux low glare, matt black power coat
Dual weather seals to case enclosure
Warranty: 48 Months

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  • Design And Graphics
  • Led screen + LENS
  • Software Features
  • We work together
  • Han Kun's design idea
    We have been enriching the signage, design & advertising industry VMS for 15 years.
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Energy Saving Is The Core
High-quality LED display module bring you a good "visual" enjoyment. Han Kun has more than 10 years of producing experience and feedback from thousands of customers around the world tell us that we need in-depth communication on the purpose to have a better solution and deliver it!
HAN KUN OT series modules specification
Pixel Pitch 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 31.25mm
LED Type 3 In 1 SMD+LENS 3 In 1 SMD+LENS 3 In 1 SMD+LENS 3 In 1 SMD+LENS 3 In 1 SMD+LENS 3 In 1 SMD+LENS
Pixel Density/m² 10000 pixels 6889 pixels 3906 pixels 2500 pixels 1600 pixels 1024 pixels
Module Dimension WxHmm 320x160 mm 192x192 mm 256x128 mm 320x160 mm 200x200 mm 250x250 mm
Module Resolution 32x16 16x16 16x8 16*8 8z8 8x8
Cabinet Material 2mm aluminum alloy
Screen Weight 65KG/m²
Cabinet Dimension 960x960mm 960x960mm 1024x1024mm 960x960mm 1000x1000mm 1000x1000mm
Brightness cd/m2 L3,L3*:EN12966 (Red: >3100nits, Green>3720nits, Blue>1240nits, Amber>7440nits, White:>12400nits)
Driving Method 2S 2S Static Static Static Static
Brightness Adjustment 32/256 32/256 32/256 32/256 32/256 32/256
Color Coordinates C2 EN12966 C2 EN12966 C2 EN12966 C2 EN12966 C2 EN12966 C2 EN12966
Viewing Angle B6 EN12966 B6 EN12966 B6 EN12966 B6 EN12966 B6 EN12966 B6 EN12966
Contrast Ratio R3 EN12966 R3 EN12966 R3 EN12966 R3 EN12966 R3 EN12966 R3 EN12966
Refresh Rate >90+ Hz >90+ Hz >90+ Hz >90+ Hz >90+ Hz >90+ Hz
Control system Asynchronous control system available
Signal transfer Cat 5 Network Cable, RS232,RS485 optional
Display capacity Text, image, graphics animations
Lifespan >100000 hrs
Power Supply 12-24V DC/110-230V AC
Max. power Consumption 400 W/m² 280 W/m² 250 W/m² 220 W/m² 220 W/m² 220 W/m²
Ave. Power Consumption 120 W/m² 84 W/m² 75 W/m² 66 W/m² 66 W/m² 66 W/m²
Operation Temperature -25~ +60°C -25~ +60°C -25~ +60°C -25~ +60°C -25~ +60°C -25~ +60°C
Storage Temperature -40~ +80°C -40~ +80°C -40~ +80°C -40~ +80°C -40~ +80°C -40~ +80°C
Operation Humidity 10%~ 90% 10%~ 90% 10%~ 90% 10%~ 90% 10%~ 90% 10%~ 90%
Storage Humidity 15%~ 95% 15%~ 95% 15%~ 95% 15%~ 95% 15%~ 95% 15%~ 95%
IP Grade IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Maintenance Method rear rear rear rear rear rear
EN12966 Compliance L3, C2, R3,B6 L3, C2, R3,B6 L3, C2, R3,B6 L3, C2, R3,B6 L3, C2, R3,B6 L3, C2, R3,B6
This is a great product, brand new popular in the European Union and Australia and other countries, customized for high-end customers, its color and waterproof performance, including light pollution, energy-saving capabilities, reached the latest heights! All passed: R3 EN12966, B6 EN12966, C2 EN12966, etc. look for it!
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We Offer Multi-Modal Transportation Management for a Connected World
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    For 4G or 5G, we use the most cutting-edge IoT cloud platform technology to control equipment, including geographic location GPS, equipment status, whether it is leased or commercial, Han Kun is developed for your application!
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Provide VMS display solutions
Trailer structure scheme, software management, ITS industry summit...
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