Radar Speed Display Signs

Radar speed signs are designed to slow cars down, to make streets safer for everyone.

The signs help to make drivers aware that they are traveling above the speed limit. Speed signs have been proven to be effective, particularly with today s highly visual, often distracted drivers. Our goal is for drivers to reduce their speed once they realize they are traveling too fast.

These signs can be used as a single device or in conjunction with other speed control devices such as speed bumps or speed humps. Also known as speed display signs, driver feedback signs, and your speed signs, radar signs operate on the feedback loop theory:

when people are presented with information about their performance, they tend to notice and improve.

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Model: HK-RAD/2-3

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  • Safe traffic speed warning options and brief
  • Application and sketch
  • Data reports and documents
Warning: slow down

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We believe that effective traffic calming solutions should be accessible to all communities, and that communities with small budgets shouldn’t have to sacrifice high quality. With this standard we have set for ourselves, we continually work at ameliorating our products to maintain our stature as a global leader in effective and affordable radar speed signs and traffic calming innovations. Our goal is simple and never changing: To continue to provide the best products at the best price.
  • AC:110V-240V, battery or solar power
  • Lightweight design and 2-digit 3-digit speed value display
  • Normal warning display or Traffic data and reports
  • Choice of logo specifications and patterns
  • Through the IoT cloud platform remote access
  • 3 colors display different speed values
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The sign pattern and display can be more
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    Curve warning slow down
  • At the US Eastern Airport
    Highway speeding warning
  • The entrance of a school in Canada
    Through the school gate
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Traffic data and report format
Time and date and traffic volume
  • Date and traffic
  • Report form
  • Radar antenna
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