Solar Assist Arrow Board Trailer 15 & 25 Light Models

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Solar Assist Arrow Board Trailer 15 & 25 Light Models
Solar portable trailer fixed arrow board

Provide advanced warning and direction indication.
The equipment is very suitable for a variety of applications from long-term closed lanes to work areas, road engineering, construction and mining sites and other constantly changing traffic management situations, as well as other field applications.
Our sturdy and durable portable arrow board, which is completely powered by solar energy, has a compact design that can be rotated 360 degrees and up and down!

Comply with CE&AS standards, with high visibility and low power consumption, easy and quick installation and operation.



Our production base is in Yiwu,China

We have produced more than 30,000 units  variable information signs for global users,

and ship them to the cities you want to reach through Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port, Shenzhen Port, and by sea.

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Hi,I am a sales and technical engineer of China Hankun Technology Company, my name is JACK LI.
20 years of import and export business experience, 10 years of technical work in the industry
Whether you are purchasing for your own use, or for any commercial wholesale trade and leasing,cooperate with us, you will definitely get a better return on investment !
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  • Trailer Features
  • Arrow Display Has Automatic Dimming
  • Specifications
    Max Payload:12000, Swivel Square Jack Galvanized /Black
    Crash Brake Connector for Trailer with Braking FunctionMax Payload: 2000kg
    Kit includes: tail, turn signal lights, 2 amber LED marker lights and license plate bracket
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From the beginning our design is for global users
Available with 15 or 25 lights in both the standard and wide-angle models (only standard angle listed)
    33 bright amber LED, 12cm diameter lamp tube,Multilayer waterproof structure.
    Light Sensor (Auto dimming system). Selection of arrow display patterns.Handheld controller, wireless connection.
  • 12 modes
    Wireless remote control, all modes are customized
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We are proud of the quality of materials and workmanship of our arrow boards.

This is attested through superior durability, lower total cost of ownership and a better return on investment.
Responsible for the customer's purchase cost, configuration is very important
  • Solar Panel:
    Single, top-mounted unit that is constantly in horizontal positioning.
  • Battery:
    One12 Volt 150AH sealed maintenance-free batteries hidden inside the trailer deck.
  • Shipping Weight:
    15 Light is 850lbs & 25-Light Model is 880lbs. Tongue Weight (Panel Down): 75 lbs Tongue Weight (Panel Up): 75 lbs Length with Tongue: 116" Width: 68" Traveling Height: 93" Operation Height: 142” Sign Panel Size: 40" H x 90" W
    Lamp: Fully sealed, 4” PAR 33 LED with high-impact plastic hoods. Sign Panel: Full-sized 40” x 90” all-aluminum construction, sealed against the elements. Controller: On-Board self-contained controller with 12 modes of operation. Main Frame: 3” x 4” x .150” high-grade steel. Axle: 2,000-lb. axle, 1,4000lb. leaf springs, roller bearings and hubs. Tire Size: 205/75D14 Removable Tongue: Designed not only for security but safety as well. Hitch: 2" ball standard size. Optional pintle ring available Battery Charger: This is an option on each unit .(with/without) but we only list it here with the charger, as that’s the common choice. Note: Frequently using an AC charger will increase life of the battery. Finish: Powder coat paint, durable. Mast: 4" x 4" x 4/16" steel tube assemble.
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