Movable Solar Portable Arrow Board

Portablearrow boards are the most effective way of directing traffic and people.

The bright of LED lights in portable arrow signs make them stand out easily at a range of distances, plus they offer the user the flexibility to alter directions as needed.

We manufacture a wide range of mobile portable arrow signs, which can meet any situation you need to control.

There are 10 kinds of arrows or control modes:
For example, long-term closed lanes, temporary traffic management situations, road works or traffic management in sports competitions.

Model:HK-ARR/25L  specification:2100*1100mm

Our production base is in Yiwu,China

We have produced more than 30,000 units  variable information signs for global users and ship them to the cities you want to reach through Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port, Shenzhen Port, and by sea.

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  • Arrow Display Has Automatic Dimming
  • Design And Graphics
  • Multi-layer waterproof structure
    33 bright amber LED, 12cm diameter lamp tube.
  • High-output amber LED
    Light Sensor (Auto dimming system). Selection of arrow display patterns.
  • Easy to operate
    Handheld controller, wireless connection.
We are proud of the quality of materials and workmanship of our arrow boards.

This is attested through superior durability, lower total cost of

ownership and a better return on investment.
  • High-output amber LEDs are highly legible
    Choose 15 lamps (2 rear lamps) with 4 or 9 arrow display modes or 25 lamps with 12 arrow display modes
  • Arrow display has automatic dimming
  • Flashing rate of 30 to 40 per minute
  • Wireless Touch screen controller
We can provide various sizes and one-sided or double-sided displays, which are very suitable for arrow board, we are happy to produce customized for you!

Arrow Boards manufactured by Hankun meet the design requirement

  • Fold up and down at 90 degrees.

    Wind resistance and earthquake resistance. Vehicle Mount Directional Arrow Board can be mounted on any vehicles with varying installation options depending on your vehicle set up,needs including portable vehicle mounting option.

  • Rack material Galvanised Steel.

    Motor:Electric Actuator. For 24 Volt application at 12 amp,voltage reducer is required. Safety feature-controller has automatic rasing and lowering sequence when the board is turned on and off. Actuators have built in limit switch for up and down position. Accessories:work lights,beacons added into the same controller,making your installation easy and simple for your traffic controllers to operate.

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Bidding and other needs or consultations! Leave us a message or agree to a common time through the web link below ,
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