xinka Trading Co., Ltd. chose Han Kun exports to Australia

Xinka Trade Co., Ltd., headquartered in Ningbo, Yiwu, also have their local branch offices, the owner is French, through our Alibaba to find our Han Kun, our company’s products are recognized
, he has a client in Australia, you want to China Procurement Solar Traffic Information Display (International Short Name VMS) and look forward to working with Chinese suppliers to establish good relations of cooperation. Recently received their inquiry online, mainly to ask Han Kun solar traffic information display. After repeated communication, and give customers the parameters and site photos, etc., customers have more understanding of Han Kun VMS products. When I learned that Han Kun factory is also Yiwu, the next day they head office came to visit our factory, see our factory production capacity, size and VMS samples of our products are assured, satisfied, immediately sign the order 2 VMS contracts.

After more than a week of overtime, we finally completed the production of two solar traffic displays in the first two days of the delivery deadline. In the acceptance process, we make timely suggestions for the customer rectification, and strive to meet customer requirements, not to find reasons for excuses, Han Kun’s factory standards is the customer satisfaction. The next is to arrange the delivery package, everything is going well.
Thank Xinka Trade Co., Ltd. choose Han Kun, your choice is the best support Han Kun!
Han Kun transport facilities, is a research and development, production and sales as one of the emerging energy-saving high-tech enterprises, with a full set of molds, injection molding, metal manufacturing and other first-class automated production equipment, the first application of the Internet of Things industry.
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