Solar traffic signs HK-JSP05

The solar sign is a safety sign, which is used for dangerous sections or bridges where there are safety hazards such as the ramp, the entrance of the school, the intersection, the turn, the pedestrian channel, and the mountainous section with large fog and low visibility. Road conditions, so that drivers can in the distance on the road to understand, play a stronger warning warning role to reduce road traffic accidents, to remind the driver to pay attention to safe driving, reduce people's lives and property losses. This product has a long life, energy saving, environmental protection, security and stability advantages.

Size: can be customized a variety of specifications
Pattern text: custom style

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Characteristics of solar sig

1, solar flash logo appearance for the square, equilateral triangle, rectangular and other specifications, according to GB production. Clear pattern, obvious signs, beautiful appearance
2, flash logo for the red, green, yellow and other multi-color, the use of solar power, pollution-free, dust, rain.
3, each LED tube are equipped with a separate special lens to ensure that LED luminous tube optical performance to achieve the best, and excellent water resistance.
4, solar panels in the 360-degree range can be any rotation, conversion efficiency, cloudy can also charge the battery.
5, solar panels using single crystal silicon solar panels, at 40. C under the conditions to ensure that the work is normal, the output load voltage is not less than 12V, the output current of not less than 250Am.
6, the battery in the 40.C under the conditions to ensure that the normal work, capacity attenuation of not more than 30%.

Components and configuration

solar panel

Han-kun use of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, the conversion rate of up to 18% or more, during the day and sunlight on the battery, the battery charge or at the same time to the sign power supply, according to the different uses of the environment to adjust the mode. The night, solar panels to convert electricity, the battery to label power supply, LED lights remain lit or strobe.

High-brightness LED, light damage

LED quality decision determines the brightness of the product, light failure, life expectancy; Han-kun chip selection and packaging, quality needless to say, 100,000 hours of life.


Import 3M reflective film

In addition to LED bulbs is very important, the choice of reflective film is also very important, because the reflective film directly affects the intensity of the reflective effect of warning, Han Kun imported US engineering grade reflective film, the case can be reflected light clean and fresh, day and night reflective Engineering grade reflective film reflective visual effects, even if the product itself is not reflective, reflective strength can also play a good warning role, to maintain traffic safety.


Automatic control light switch

During the day, sunlight impinges on the panel, charges the battery, or powers the sign panel at the same time. According to different use of the environment to adjust the mode. At night, the battery powers the sign and the LED tube remains lit or blinking. Lighting time by the light control switch automatically controlled

Parameter details

Exterior triangle
Material Aluminum profiles, aluminum, reflective film
Standard size Can be customized to a variety of specifications
Pattern text Can be customized according to demand
Solar panels Solar panels 18V / 8W-50W working life> 15 years
Battery 12V / 7AH-20AH valve-regulated battery life> 3 years
LED Bright 5MM yellow + dedicated condenser + waterproof lens
Surroundings -20℃~+70℃
Operating hours Continuous rainy days work more than 240H
Waterproof IP58
After sale Three years quality assurance

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