Solar radar speed display

Radar – also known as the driver’s feedback marking speed, speed, radar speed indicator and other terms of the “speed” tag – will the driver to concentrate on the current speed.Studies have shown that carefully designed radar speed signs are very effective in slowing down the speed of the vehicle – especially in the streets and working areas.

The han kun radar speed sign is designed to work consistently in all types of weather and driving conditions.They are fully compliant with the MUTCD and FHWA standards and are the most effective, durable and versatile radar speed markers.

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Applications of Traffic Calming Signs

The radar speed signs have huge applications. They are key to controlling traffic and avoiding accidents. Sometimes, the driver of a vehicle is unaware of the speed at which they are moving. In areas like school or hospitals, where people might not be extra cautious with the traffic, this can lead to serious accidents. Also on highways, uncontrolled driving and over-speeding can cause serious accidents. All these can be avoided with the use of Traffic Calming Signs. If the driver is aware of what speed they are travelling at, they would regulate their speed accordingly and drive safer avoiding accidents.

While driving on regular routes, people are often unaware of what exactly they are doing and work mechanically. To put it in other words, drivers while on regular routes do not worry much about their speed or about pedestrian crossings and schools on the way because they are used to the route. Radar Signs work as a trigger to make the drivers more aware of what they are doing. Through detailed study and analysis it has been figured out that if you give the driver a trigger and then a hint of what should actually be done, it can help. So a Speed Feedback Sign showing you there is a school ahead and you are over-speeding will actually make you go slower.


• MUTCD with static “your speed” information and highly visible LED numbers.
• User-friendly software interface allows you to manage logo parameters remotely.
• Ultra-low power consumption, including the most power-efficient radar technology 。
• Allow signage to run automatically for up to five weeks.
• Excellent structure and durability can maintain long-lasting performance.
• High-strength aluminum plates and single optical lenses prevent damage and theft.
• Stealth mode allows tags to collect radar tag baseline traffic data.


  1. Hankun Radar speed signs can be easily mounted on permanent poles, trucks, trailers or temporary supports.
  2. Radar speed signs can be moved from anywhere to another place.
  3. Hankun Radar Speed Marker “The very efficient energy-saving design makes it an ideal choice for solar energy equipment.
  4. Modular design and built-in system analysis capabilities.
  5. Untrained personnel can easily diagnose and fix problems in minutes.

Accessories Options

1.Standard & Optional Speed Display Features

2.Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

3.Speed Display Mounting Options

4.Speed Display Accessories

Hankun Radar speed signs can be customized, DIY specifications and patterns


Name Radar speed limit warning sign
Material Shell steel stainless stee
Size 600*900*136mm(customizable)
Display mode Digital LED tube with waterproof lens
Speed limit value Adjust according to Requirement
Solar panel Monocrystalline silicon solar panel 18V / 50W or 70W
Battery Lead-acid valve control battery: 12V/20AH life > 3 years
Radar system Sweden imported high precision radar device, meet CE & FCC standard
Speed distance 10-200 M
Working time Work more than 180H during rainy days
Working mode

Within speed will always-on lighting; when over speeding will flashing
 temperature -20°C–70°C
Waterproof IP58
After-sales warranty China’s first factory of three-year quality guarantee.


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