Solar barricade warning lights HK-JLD

Solar roadblock warning lights are road construction, fencing, and temporary provision of roadblocks, warning past pedestrians attention, is an important traffic safety protection products to solar photovoltaic for energy, LED for the luminous body, through the strobe or bright light issued yellow Light or red warning, to protect the construction site of the region, pedestrian and vehicle safety.

ColourRed:yellow, blue, white (optional)
specification:309 * 120* 65mm
power supply:Solar panel
After sale: 3 year warranty

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1, The product is reasonable in design, beautiful and practical, the light-emitting components using high-quality LED light source, flashing effect, less power, long life, anti-aging and so on.
2, the product configuration solar single crystal panels, better light transmission, higher energy absorption.
3, the load power is low, glow brighter, pedestrians and vehicles see more clearly, light control.
4, built-in 3V / 2000MA × 2 NiMH / lithium battery, the use of longer, 5-7 consecutive rainy days can be used normally and effectively.
5, design overcharge discharge circuit protection, balance current circuit stability, the circuit board with three anti-paint green coating, better protection.
6, high-performance protection, rating greater than IP65, effective anti-rain, dust intrusion.
7, Do not do unqualified products, quality assurance, according to customer requirements design different power and different styles of solar power plants.

shell material

ABS shel

Barrier lamp housing is very important, because the barricade lights are usually used in the construction section, the vehicle was hit during the possibility of a great deal, which requires barricades lamp housing impact, coupled with sun and rain, require the housing to withstand Live UV and rain acid corrosion, Han Kun selected Taiwan Chi Mei brand ABS new material, and add anti-purple antioxidant made of powder, durable.

High-quality reflective PC mask

The new PC material, high transmittance, and the mask design uses full-angle reflective lattice principle, not only look good, more importantly, any angle of light exposure, even if the product is not light, can automatically Reflective, which will help vehicles from any angle can quickly reach the warning effect, to avoid traffic accidents on the construction road.

Parameter details

Solar panels Power: 4.5V / 0.4W / P working life> 15 years
Battery Ni-MH2.4V / 600MA / P life> 3 years
shell material PC、ABS
mode Automatically start, flashing, always on
hours Continuous rainy days Working days:> 120h
Flash mode Automatic charging during the day, or 24 hours a day, automatic flash or automatic flash
surroundings -20 ° C – + 70 ° C
Waterproof IP58
Aftermarket Han Kun 3 years quality assurance

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