Small matrix information sign

It is an extension of advertising media LED, used for outdoor information bulletin, image advertising, advertising activities, information media, business promotion activities, the government, the government, the government, the government, the government, the government, the government, Social organizations, institutions, schools organized various promotional activities, road traffic guidance variable information display; and we add solar panels photovoltaic, its effectiveness, flexibility, convenience and other characteristics, more widely used.

Color: monochrome, two-color, five-color full color can be customized
Pattern: can be customized according to customer requirements
Specifications: 1980 * 1480mm (customizable)
Power: solar single crystal high efficiency chip power supply

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Product Introduction

Han Kun dragging solar traffic mobile display main function

Independent display and development of the leading technology with the body structure design, access to a number of patent certificates; LED display through the hydraulic system arbitrary lift, free any lock height; 360 degree screen rotation any point lock; solar panels any flip electric and 360 degrees The track is equipped with advanced seamless steel M5, carrying up to 2000KG; the use of electric car brakes, the use of electric car brakes And tail light system assembly; unique telescopic folding pull rod; advanced solar power supply system and DC power supply function alternately.

Software control system

Self-developed APP / Web, LED display software control system

1, ordinary U disk inserted on the cut program, or computer USP interface.

2, wireless tablet computer upload program, WIFI function.
3, remote send programs and change the program management equipment, comes with tablet production program, GPS positioning system, 3G / 4GGPRS network function with a timer off the boot function can be selected, regular playback programs, regular automatic brightness adjustment function.
4, automatically access to a hundred pattern text, set the time to automatically switch programs to support multi-language upload and send a good UI experience

Waterproof display

Han Kun independent research and design rectangular rectangular outdoor waterproof display

Han Kun outdoor dedicated traffic screen pixels: P10, P16, P20, P25, P33, a monochrome, two-color red and yellow, full color can choose a variety of specifications.

Unique Han Kun export Australia, the Americas, Europe 5 color single yellow module large spacing (P32 P42 P50), red, yellow, blue and white, using wafer, the Japanese Rui chip F5-F8 F10 in-line LED;
The use of aluminum and steel plate several materials, with high technical design of the waterproof, to adapt to outdoor shock design box, taking full account of the characteristics of outdoor traffic use, the use of industrial-grade export multi-national standard design!

Intelligent control platform

Han Kun independent research and development of industrial-grade intelligent industrial control platform


At a glance LED screen shows the operation of the equipment instructions, such as solar charging information, the current charging voltage, current; current battery voltage operating
current, equipment available time; switch machine timing password management; equipment operation log download and management functions; The hydraulic lift screen multi-level control rocker with the instructions, the air cabin movements, such as solar lift shrink button and other instructions! Equipment unconventional movement or collision and dumping remote alarm function

Custom and after sale

To meet user needs, our custom and pre-sale system

To meet the needs of different regions of the world and related regulations, we fully use the modular selective function customization, such as body structure, display pixels, display specifications, display control, display color, lift system electric and hydraulic system selection , Life after-sales service guarantee! 3 years after-sales guarantee quality! Perfect global sales point, the United States Florida, Germany Düsseldorf Düsseldorf, and so on, we are an open traffic safety research and development production technology companies, from all over the world and the production of customized orders!

Parameter details

trailer material Square steel tube(80*80*4MM),8*8*4 Channel steel customer demand
color yellow or orange,hot galvanizing,accord with the relevant nationa
l salt alkali treatment standard
Fender Good radians between wheels and fenders made it stable
Damping spring Double sping750*50*5PCS、chassis shockproof protect the disply
wheel 175/70R12,load-bearing 675kg,MAX 100KM/H MAX load-bearing 1.5T
guide pulley adustable lifting ±30cm,load-bearing 2000lb(907k)
trailerjack 360 degree rotation ,heigth:55cm ,open height: 85cm
trailer size 3950mm*2050mm*2700mm
brake system nonbrake /with brake / automatic-brake customer demand
display rotaion 360 degree can be stop any pot.
rear ligth turn light、wight lamp、brake light can be choose
reflect sheet according to customer.
hydraulic-lift system
80cm-100cm,DC12V 7075KW press 5MPA
draw bar lengh 120cm,can be fold.
axle 1585mm,5mm tickness steel
trailer speed limit 70km/h according to Solar panel
solar stand 360 degree rotation ,You can adjust the solar Angle
sola system solar panel 18V / 250W * 2P monocrystalline silicon solar panels
solar charge system 60A charge manager, and the mains charge management
battery 12V/250AH*2P warranty 3 Year
LED display size 1200 * 1600, can display specifications, according to customer custom
brightness ≥8000CD/㎡
The consumption
of energy
pixel distance P16/P20/P33.3
water proof IP58
Operation Intelligent systems:WIFI /APP/Computer

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