Radar speed feedback device

With a full matrix display radar speed trailer with today’s largest portable speed signage. Jumbo displays show the vehicle speed with a large display, warning the driver to slow down by too fast a flashing speed. The perspective design of the trailer makes pedestrians visible and enhances their safety – especially in high-risk areas. Automatic solar charging system to provide long-running.

Color: green, yellow, red (optional)
Size: 1200 * 600mm(customizable)
Light source: LED
Power: AC110V-130V, DC-12V, optional Han Kun solar power supply system

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Introduction to radar speed
Through the radar system to detect the passing speed of the vehicle, through the system calculation, the actual speed displayed on the front LED screen, in order to remind the driver to pay attention to driving speed, especially for long driving and fatigue driving, the driver will usually forget their driving speed and not Pay attention to the identification of speed limits and dangerous sections, for unsafe driving conditions, especially for the school district, community entrances and exits, construction sections and highways and tunnel pavement, suburban cable, institutions and other restrictions on the speed of public transport The Can also be used for soccer, tennis and other sports training ball speed feedback.


Extra-large electronic speed display with full matrix of LEDs
Visors and shades over LEDs produce superior visibility
Display flashes when a vehicle exceeds speed limit
Selectable speed-limit setting
Clearly displays speed in up to three digits
Configurable speed units, mph or km/h
Configurable flashing excessive-speed message
Radar unit is CE compliant, FCC approved
Extended height increases visibility
See-through design puts road workers in view
Regulatory speed-limit sign has easily changeable speed numbers
Additional construction sign above speed limit sign
Approach-only K-band radar
Easy to transport
Integral control box with tamper-resistant cover that locks (with key) when latched

Power System

Battery powered and solar charging
Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
Solar panel charges batteries automatically without intervention
Charging system shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
Power system allows battery charging with solar panels or commercial power
Cooling fan protects battery charger from overheating
Battery box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access

Solar Powered

Solar Panel Output: 65 watt
Power Supply: Two 12-volt,18 amp/hour AGM batteries (UL recognized); Provides up to 14 days of backup operation
Solar Charge Controller: Manages the flow of solar energy input (up to 85w) from solar panel to battery
Pole Mount: Side pole mount with 45° angle bracket for effective solar charging
Low battery cut-off feature provides intelligent battery management
Battery Status: Via Wi-Fi, can check battery charge levels and solar amperage
Power Consumption: < 2.5 amps (24w) in active mode; Idle mode < 1/2 watt; Circuit Breaker: Multi-circuit, 5 amp fuses

Parameter details

Display direct digital display, LED display
Display digit  2-bit, 3-digit display   (optional)
Display color green, yellow, red (three-color optional)
Control mode  Remote control mode, GPS remote adjustment,
Speed distance 100-500 meters
Power  AC: 110V-230V, DC: 12V solar power supply system
Size 900 * 600mm(Can be customized according to demand)
Radar system High-precision radar device, in line with CE, FCC standards
Aftermarket 3-year warranty brand

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