Radar speed display

Driving on a freeway or a highway, a Radar Speed Sign is not an uncommon sight. It a simple device that shows the speed of a vehicle as it approaches the sign. This is done to make the driver of the vehicle aware of whether they are driving too fast or too slow in order to avoid accidents.

Radar Speed Markers – Also known as Driver Feedback Marks, Speed Markers, Radar Speed Indicators, and the “Your Speed” Mark in Other Terms – Work by refocusing the driver’s attention on the current speed. Studies have shown that well-designed radar speed signs are very effective in slowing down the car – especially in school districts, streets, and work areas.

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How Effective Speed Signs Work

If you are investing in radar speeds, you want it to avoid accidents. To do this, speeding drivers must be able to see the signs from a distance, so that they have enough time to use the brakes and slow down. This requires greater and more distant visibility. Your speed signs are red and amber and can be seen over long distances, making them ideal for use anywhere. Maintains better visibility at low light conditions such as at night.

While driving on regular routes, people are often unaware of what exactly they are doing and work mechanically. To put it in other words, drivers while on regular routes do not worry much about their speed or about pedestrian crossings and schools on the way because they are used to the route. Radar Signs work as a trigger to make the drivers more aware of what they are doing. Through detailed study and analysis it has been figured out that if you give the driver a trigger and then a hint of what should actually be done, it can help. So a Speed Feedback Sign showing you there is a school ahead and you are over-speeding will actually make you go slower.


  • Visors and shades over LEDs produce superior visibility
  • Display flashes when a vehicle exceeds speed limit
  • Selectable speed-limit setting
  • Clearly displays speed in up to three digits
  • Configurable speed units, mph or km/h
  • Configurable flashing excessive-speed message
  • Radar unit is CE compliant, FCC approved
  • Extended height increases visibility
  • Regulatory speed-limit sign has easily changeable speed numbers
  • Additional construction sign above speed limit sign
  • Integral control box with tamper-resistant cover that locks (with key) when latched

Power System

> Durable design
The heavy-duty steel housing with a 3/8-inch thick and 1/4″ Lexan shield provides excellent protection for the internal components of the radar speed sign to withstand external forces and the weather.
The beveled 3/8-inch shock plate protects the LEDs and internal components from signage damage, and a 25-inch thick protective film covers the entire display area. Wear-resistant, graffiti and shatterproof
> Excellent reputation
Directional beam technology gives drivers a superior quality display even in bright sunlight. Han Kun’s patented design can be used as a cone that amplifies light intensity and points directly to the driver’s field of vision.
> Speed ​​alert
The speed of the driver flashes within the programmed speed range.
SLOW DOWN alarm information is a function of all TC-1000 models and can also be displayed.
The display switching function allows you to continue collecting traffic data even if the display is turned off (hidden mode).
The delay option prompts for a speed limit at the prompt.
> Power supply
AC or solar energy.
> Design standards
Meets NEMA 4R standards; conforms to MUTCD standards for color and reflectance; abrasion, chipping, UV and graffiti.
> Battery
The battery is designed to slide into the housing slot without any risk of movement; maintenance is limited to replacing the battery every three to six years.
> Radar
Detects vehicles that are 1200 feet away.

Installation operation

  1. Hankun Radar speed signs can be easily mounted on permanent poles, trucks, trailers or temporary supports.
  2. Radar speed signs can be moved from anywhere to another place.
  3. Hankun Radar Speed Marker “The very efficient energy-saving design makes it an ideal choice for solar energy equipment.
  4. Modular design and built-in system analysis capabilities.
  5. Untrained personnel can easily diagnose and fix problems in minutes.


Name Radar speed limit warning sign
Material Shell steel stainless stee
Size 600*900*136mm(customizable)
Display mode Digital LED tube with waterproof lens
Speed limit value Adjust according to Requirement
Solar panel Monocrystalline silicon solar panel 18V / 50W or 70W
Battery Lead-acid valve control battery: 12V/20AH life > 3 years
Radar system Sweden imported high precision radar device, meet CE & FCC standard
Speed distance 10-200 M
Working time Work more than 180H during rainy days
Working mode

Within speed will always-on lighting; when over speeding will flashing
 temperature -20°C–70°C
Waterproof IP58
After-sales warranty China’s first factory of three-year quality guarantee.


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