Lifter rod arrow plate

Han Kun traction-oriented arrow signs, suitable for road construction work, multi-purpose multi-function arrow shape display; unique self-developed wireless, convenient, intelligent, data management controller; Highlight LED pixel tube can choose 15 25 pixel tube and multi-format custom production, according to the road operation can be controlled up to 15 kinds of dynamic identification, professional mechanical structure and electronic design and control of the stability and reliability, a variety of car-mounted, folding, traction, Optional push-hand frame, year-round exports of Australia, the United States, the European Union and other global markets, with global certification

Specifications: 2200 * 1200 * 100mm (can be customized)
Power supply: Car power DC12V or solar power supply
Color: LED light source, yellow
Material: high-quality steel frame spray yellow, black aluminum spray

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Environmental protection and energy saving design concept

The cutting-edge design concept, to determine the industry’s highest standards of quality and performance, full-size arrow-oriented sign board, highlighting the LED pixel tube with 15,25 pixels and more specifications can be customized, with a variety of different forms of display capabilities, At the same time a car-mounted, trailer traction, frame wheeled and other car body to choose from.
All powered by car power and solar powered options.
By Han unique car and wireless controller display, control up to 15 kinds of arrow shape identification. Simple operation and maintenance, display a variety of indicators in the controller, the battery voltage and current, can accurately calculate the battery available working hours and other functions, touch-type button to control the flag rise and contraction. The controller can move freely, in the 200M range of random control equipment.


High-output amber LEDs
Selection of arrow and other display patterns
Easy to operate and maintain
Heavy-duty hand-winch with safety brake allows one person to raise board
Single locking device holds arrow board in place while operating and during transport
Controller located safely away from traffic
Weather-resistant control box cover has lockable slam-latch
Control box outputs have short-circuit protection, helping prevent blown transistors
Arrow display has automatic dimming
Stabilizer legs raise tires off the ground to provide stability in high wind

Control display system

1, GPS and Compass Global Positioning System
2, equipment operation track search function3, at a glance LED LCD display of the operating indicators, equipment, power information, the current display style, the current battery voltage drive current, time, etc .; built-in more than 15 kinds of guide arrow display style, removable, rolling and other modes
4, Chinese and English languages can choose to switch
5, boot encryption and regular operation and management settings
6, wireless remote control 挭 Czech or car available
7, anti-theft collision warning alarm.

Power System

Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
Solar panels charge batteries automatically without intervention
System disconnects solar charging system from batteries when they are fully charged, preventing over-charging and damage to batteries
Unique system allows battery charging with solar panels or commercial power
Power system includes reverse polarity protection and low-voltage disconnect circuit
Controller has resettable fuses
Solar charging system features solid state voltage regulator with charge indicator

Multiple patterns

Through Han Kun unique car and wireless controller display, control up to 15 kinds of arrows logo. Simple operation and maintenance, in the controller shows a variety of indicators, the

Solar arrow-oriented car

battery voltage and current, you can accurately calculate the battery working hours and other functions, touch-style buttons can control the flag rise and contraction function. The controller can be any movement, in the 200M range of random control equipment.

Configuration details

Traction arrow indicator parameter specification
Screen size 2200 * 1200 * 100mm can be customized
Solar panels Monocrystalline silicon solar panels 18V / 10W -100W working life> 15 years
Battery Lead acid valve control battery 12V / 10AH-50AH life> 3 years
powered by Car-mounted DC12V or solar power supply
Pixel tube 15,25 barrel (each tube LED lamp beads 15,25) can choose
Material Custom aluminum alloy profiles, PC blister + lens
LED color White, red, yellow, green, color can be customized
Working hours LED work more than 50,000 hours
working environment -20℃~+70℃
Waterproof IP58
After-sales service 3 year quality assurance
Remarks Product features customized according to customer requirements

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