Compact Speed Trailer

With a full matrix display radar speed trailer with today’s largest portable speed signage. Jumbo displays show the vehicle speed with a large display, warning the driver to slow down by too fast a flashing speed. The perspective design of the trailer makes pedestrians visible and enhances their safety – especially in high-risk areas. Automatic solar charging system to provide long-running.

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Speed Radar Trailer was designed for small residential street and corporate campus type applications where speeding is a problem. While this radar speed sign may be light in weight, it is built it to the same tough industrial standards as its bigger brothers. Easily towed with a passenger vehicle or even a golf cart, the trailer can be repositioned throughout a community’s streets for maximum effectiveness.

This trailer mounted speed detector radar is accurate within one miles per hour, and easily read at a glance. The 12” high, full matrix LED characters can be seen from 750 feet to alert the driver of their speed. And optional violator alerts make your point perfectly clear to all.


  • 2″ Shaped Steel Space Frame Chassis
  • Polyester powder coated high zinc epoxy primer, UV resistant and graffiti
  • (3) Each stabilizer 750 pound capacity jack. Ability to raise the trailer from normal height to 8 inches
  • 4.80 x 14 ST tires on 2 wheel wheels
  • 2″ Type II Ball Connector
  • 7″ wide, 14 steel fenders
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • Controller box and battery box
  • Prepared weight: 310 lbs (battery configuration)
  • Tongue weight: ~27 pounds (cell configuration)


  • Single directional K-band radar unit
  • 12” Amber AlInGaP LED Full Matrix (rounded) display characters
  • Display protected by 3/16” GE ith a smoked, non-glare finish
  • Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • Fold down speed sign rack
  • Keyed On/Off switch
  • One (1) Deep Cycle Marine battery (2nd battery optional)
  • Flashing Digit Violator Alert – 1 MPH/KPH increments
  • Minimum Display Speed / High Speed Cut-off
  • Unit defaults to last settings upon power up


  • “flow count” data acquisition package
  • 50W solar panel
  • Second deep-cycle marine battery
  • Alarm system
  • Locking Lugs
  • Removable Tongue
  • Cable Lock
  • Spare Tire
  • Custom powder coat colors available
  • Violator alerts


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