Han Kun Intelligent System

Han Kun Intelligent System

Internet of Things
Is an extension and expansion of the Internet technology based on a network technology; its client extends and extends to any goods and items, for information exchange and communication.

cloud computing
Is an Internet-based supercomputing paradigm where hundreds of thousands of computers and servers are clustered together in a remote data center. Cloud computing can even enable you to experience 10 trillion operations per second.

Big Data
Solar charging voltage, current, battery voltage, current, device operating current and power (current), and calculate the current real-time device can work continuously for a while, and put forward different periods of alarm or prompt need auxiliary power to charge, and can read the current device Business model.

PC APP GPRS Internet of Things cloud platform server management, to facilitate the company’s equipment management and maintenance work. Global Positioning System equipment work properly, fault conditions, was hit, stolen, mobile devices display alarm prompts.

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