The correct installation and use of solar spikes

                                                                                                   The correct installation and use of solar spikes
Sign some time ago, a custom made hundreds of spikes, due to improper installation, resulting in a large number of solar spikes were crushed into pieces. This Han Kun technology companies to tell you many years of experience in installation matters.
1. Spike installation location is not flat. The direct consequence of this is that the spikes are not evenly loaded, and the pressure on the spike is almost entirely concentrated in the raised and depressed parts. If you encounter large tonnage of vehicles, spikes easily rupture. Also note that when installing the road clean, dirty will make spikes easily fall off
2. Install on the marking line. Marking is also a resin material, itself is attached to the ground, its own connection with the ground there is a certain limit. If the spike is mounted on the marking, the impact of the spike is completely transferred to the marking, so that the spike can easily be knocked off and the marking is also glued
3. Glue non-uniform application. Install spike, the glue not only moderate dosage, but also smear evenly, so as to ensure that all parts of the spike stress evenly, to avoid uneven stress appears to be crushed situation.
4. The amount of glue is not enough or too much. Insufficient amount of adhesive will reduce the firmness of the spike to reduce its service life; Excessive amount of glue will spill out from around the spike, it is easy to rub the splinter reflector, affecting the reflective brightness. The company is located in:
5. Epoxy glue deployment environment temperature is not enough. Epoxy glue is a two-component glue, glue and curing agent in accordance with a certain proportion of ratio, and after mixing evenly to play an effect. However, due to epoxy glue in the cold weather in the winter condensation is more powerful, not easy to mix evenly, so be sure to use the first heat, let the glue softened before use. The company is located in:
6. Dowel mounting holes shallow holes fine. This is mainly for cast aluminum foot spikes. Cast aluminum with foot nails due to some of its depth into the ground and have better impact resistance, compressive properties, longer service life. However, during the installation process, if the hole is too shallow or too thin, the bottom surface of the spike can not be fully contacted with the ground, affecting the firmness of the bonding.
7. Solar Spike is the landscape and warning is not to press the deceleration spike, the spike between the two has obvious use of the area, and solar spikes are usually installed on the edge of the lane, be careful not to be large Tonnage vehicles rolling!

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