Australian client

Australian customers are also linked to us through the network, agreed upon a good inspection time, the customer came directly. First, take the client to our sample room and show the customer one sample. Steve was very interested in our solar display car and we talked one morning.
Australian customers are very concerned about the details of the product and asked if our solar display car can meet the specific requirements of their customers, the more important point is delivery. We tell our clients that our production is based on modular production, and there is no need to worry about production delivery. Customers are satisfied, direct orders, set a 20-foot container cargo. The whole process of procurement cooperation, each other very happy, and finally photo nostalgia. This time of cooperation also opened up our cooperation with Air Khalsa Pty. Ltd Air Festival in Australia.

“One minute on the stage, the audience ten years of work,” maybe you see only Han Kun brilliant today, but do not know our accumulation and precipitation for many years. For eight years, we have focused on traffic safety and today we have the first comprehensive strength in the industry. If you are interested in our solar display car or have questions, please contact us
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